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Thursday, 14th December 2017

Global Peace Ambassador Mr. Keshavji Rupshi Shah, Passes On - 21 Jun



Born in 1924 in the small Indian village of Danta (near Jamnagar) in Gujarat, India, Mr. Keshavji Rupshi Shah was transformed by his childhood experiences. He contracted polio at the age of five, and instead or regret or remorse, he learnt to adapt and raise his abilities. Fortunate to have been endowed with the timeless Jain tradition, not only did he grow to love it and practice its pristine values of non-violence and non-materialism, he became its sterling ambassador. Keshubhai’s life journey took him to East Africa and the United Kingdom, where he touched the lives of thousands, through his selfless leadership, charismatic speeches, and innate abilities to build relationships of respect and compassion.

We read today in the media about war, about crises, about anger, violence, greed and lust. Bapuji’s life was the exact opposite of all this, but he did not seek any publicity. The essence of the Jain tradition is respect for each and every living being, and from his birth, Bapuji’s soul was endowed with this spirit of selflessness and tolerance. Diversity and tolerance were instinctive acts for him. With very little formal education, he became a major community leader in Mombasa, Kenya, by bringing the best of wisdom, art, faith and spirituality to the members of the local community. The fruits of those seeds that were planted in the 1960’s are being seen in the lives of many young people from the Jain community in Britain today. They are natural leaders and peace ambassadors, professionals and entrepreneurs of the highest calibre, with a deep desire to serve and uplift the lives of all those whom they meet in their professional and personal lives. One of their true secrets is this Jain spirit of introspection and self-improvement, of tolerance and compassion, of charity and generosity, which endears them to others.

In the modern world, culture and values are under attack often in very subtle and sub-conscious ways. This attack is constant and relentless, and the defense is therefore difficult and challenging. It requires faith, focus and resilience. Fortunately, my father had all these qualities and he was fearless. In my work for Diverse Ethics, I have drawn inspiration from this, and he has been my ‘guru’ and role model. Wherever possible, I have tried to share these values and enthusiasm for peace through my life-work.

Keshubhai leaves behind his wife Savitaben, daughters Chandrika (late) Dipti, and son Ritesh and brother Premchandbhai. We hope and pray that his soul will rest in eternal peace. Om Shanti.

The public prayer meeting is being held tonight 21st June 2013 at the Jain Temple Complex in Potters Bar, Hertfordshire from 8-10pm. The address is Coopers Lane Road, Northaw, Hertfordshire, Greater London  EN6 4DG tel 01707643838 (www.oshwal.org) . It is in Potters Bar, two miles from junction 24 of the M25. All are welcome to pay their respects to the family and pray for Bapuji's departed soul. For those who have never been to a Jain service, this is a profoundly moving experience – to see thousands come to share in grief at such short notice, in the busy city of London, is itself a huge statement of how alive and vibrant the community is and the power and potential of faith to liberate and transform. It will be conducted by Jain nuns from Jain Vishwa Bharti. The funeral date has not yet been decided.

Kindly forward this email to friends and family in your circle whom may have known Keshubhai or his family members. You may also convey your message to the family via email by replying to this email.

Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti. (May his soul rest in eternal peace).

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