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The outstanding Jain temple in North London - few know about it, yet it is always open and welcoming to visitors. Most Britons cannot even spell the word Jain. How much longer will Britain wait to understand the huge creativity in its own backyard?



Release Date: 26th October 2010

India is ‘hot’ – but the India that lives, breathes and creates inside Britain is vast, equally complex and also not well understood. Writer, broadcaster and social entrepreneur, Dr. Atul Shah of www.diverseethics.com is embarking on a very innovative and original ‘Masala Tour’ to showcase ‘India in Britain’ and its unique richness and diversity. In his highly acclaimed book, ‘Celebrating Diversity’, Dr. Shah demonstrates the vast cultural wealth of this country which is often ‘ghettoised’ and therefore misunderstood. Instead, we can all benefit hugely from engaging with difference, by learning, understanding and befriending.

From 1st November to 25th November, 2010, Dr. Shah will travel all over Britain to bring out this story from the grassroots. He will visit businesses, community centres, leaders and pioneers, artists, up and down the country to highlight their stories and show how collectively, they are playing a positive role in building a rich and diverse Britain.

Cities and towns he will be visiting include Wellingborough, Birmingham, Leicester, Peterbrough, Ipswich, Chester, Manchester, Bradford, Leeds, Oxford, Swindon, Marlborough, Bristol and of course London.

Mr. Dipak Shelat, Operations Manager of the Institute of Asian Businesses, part of the Birmingham Chamber of Commerce & Industry: commented: “We look forward to welcoming Dr. Atul to Birmingham and showing how the Indian community here has contributed hugely to ‘breaking the glass ceiling’ and making a difference to the economy. This is a community which is highly resourceful and creative, and Birmingham provides tremendous energy and vitality as a result.”

Lynne Sedgmore CBE, founder of the ‘Centre for Excellence in Leadership’ explains: “The Masala Tour is a highly original and timely initiative, and the vast wisdom of India needs to be opened up to build a better Britain. This trip is the key for the nation to wake up to the strength that lies unnoticed in its own back yard.  I look forward to welcoming Dr. Shah to my home in Surrey and learning the secrets of Indian leadership. His unique work with Diverse Ethics is opening vast new horizons for an inclusive Britain, humble enough to seek out the best in every culture and not afraid to learn from others.”

Yasir Mirza, Head of Diversity at the Guardian/Observer Newspapers, commented: “We at the Guardian are keen to celebrate and connect with the richness and diversity of Britain, and very excited about this Masala Tour.”

There will be daily blogs and videocasts of the tour which people can follow live on the web portal www.diverseethics.com – it is simple and free to follow, and at the end of the tour, Dr. Shah will be publishing  a book on this theme. We invite the national and local media to report on this trip as it will have a live feel and generate much wider interest. At the end of the tour, Dr. Shah plans to write a book entitled 'Masala Britain' sharing the profound wisdom gained by the journey.


Editors Note:

For more details and information about the Masala Tour, click here

For a profile of Dr. Atul Shah, and his accomplishments, click here:

To contact Dr. Atul Shah, call 07804294903.

Article added on 14th September 2010 at 10:42am
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