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Friday, 1st March 2024

India is the country of global attention – there is an economic boom, and this is now making it a powerhouse on the world stage. The India that lives and breathes in Britain, not just among Indian people and communities, but also among thousands of non-Indians who have fallen in love with aspects of India, is often forgotten, by-passed or ignored by the national media. This is a very creative and positive story - and I will bring it out for the world to see and read about in the Masala Tour. Every day, a huge amount of volunteering  and charity is done to maintain and manage the hundreds of temples, mosques, gurudwaras, community centres that have been built by the Indians up and down the country and also by organisations like Oxfam and smaller charities to help India. Yoga teachers all over the country help to build a healthier Britain. Indian entrepreneurs are some of the best job creators and investors in Britain. Indian family care for children and the elderly is legendary. These are the practical, positive grassroots stories that will become nationally visible during this Masala Tour in the month of November 2010.

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For a summary of the Masala Tour, read this press release and pass it to your media contacts. Also dont forget to tell all your facebook friends ...we are going to get the media to notice our positive contribution to society!!! To follow the tour on-line, read the daily tour blog.

The above book, and the whole collection of articles and videos, will make a landmark contribution to building a bridge between India and Britain. The Masala Tour will collect the stories which will inform this book, and the planned publication date is March 2011. I look forward to connecting with you on the journey, and if you would like to sponsor the above publication, please email me directly. It would make a wonderful legacy for current and future generations.

Dr. Atul K. Shah, Director, Diverse Ethics and author, 'Celebrating Diversity'.