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Monday, 15th April 2024


The Appointments Commission asked Diverse Ethics to help in a targeted community engagement project to promote public appointments.  We wanted to hold a seminar for a group of successful professionals and entrepreneurs from BAME communities able to demonstrate the skills and expertise necessary to be successful in a non executive role on a public sector board.

Atul Shah and Umesh Parekh understood both our target audience and the objective of the event.  Their commitment to helping us achieve success together with their enthusiasm, professionalism and pro active approach gave us great confidence and the seminar was a great success.  We will not hesitate to engage Diverse Ethics in similar future projects.

 Jan Nottingham, Head of Candidate Development, Appointments Commission

"Diverse Ethics provides an excellent service in terms of helping to bridge understanding of different cultures, faiths and communities."
Claire Robinson and John Rolls, RSPCA
The entire Board and Executive Colleagues have greatly valued Dr. Atul Shah's participation on the Board and the work of the MLA has benefited from his insight and experience.
Sir Andrew Motion, Chairman, Museums, Libraries & Archives Council
Procter & Gamble made a connection with Diverse Ethics to understand if they could share their experience and perspective on how organizations should practically apply and leverage diversity. Diverse Ethics understood P & G’s needs and requirements and delivered what we needed. Their communication and responses were very timely and always polite and courteous. Dr. Atul Shah’s lecture on ‘Opening Minds, Winning Hearts’ to our research and development team was extremely well received; many people were discussing the key points shared long after it finished. The talk opened new horizons of practical possibilities. He shared the concept of how to think beyond perceptions in order to achieve what he calls borderless companies, who work seamlessly together, much like nature. Overall this connection with Diverse Ethics has provided us a great value and has opened future possibilities to use their expertise & network.
Harsh Taneja, Procter & Gamble
“Where there is a will, there is a way. In his five years of work with the BBC, Atul helped us bring the ancient Jain culture to world attention. He has also appeared on BBC Radio 4 and BBC World Service and has given us regular contacts and advice.”
Alan Bookbinder, Head, Religion & Ethics, BBC

 Tim Wass MBE so loved our services, that he wrote a whole article on it. You can read it here.

Atul was an enthusiastic researcher, keen to break new ground and launched a very successful research career from the LSE. He was also popular with students and staff, and always keen to make a transformational impact on society through his work. Many of his research papers are used and quoted widely today.

Professor Al Bhimani, London School of Economics

Throughout history successful communities have depended on strong and talented human capital. In recent centuries the Industrial Revolution enabled competition for business across the world; the internet generation is using new technologies to stay ahead in a complex globalised market. The constant thread linking these endeavours is leadership. Leadership encourages people to aspire, to grow and to develop. Leadership helps people to accomplish more than they think they can, to gauge risks and to innovate. Leadership is essential to success locally, nationally and internationally, leading to confidence, prosperity and well-being. Leadership is a democratic quality, transcending ages, cultures, backgrounds and social context; leadership can be practiced by everyone, in all communities. I welcome this portal and the wide range of resources that it makes available, and I congratulate Dr Atul Shah on his leadership of Diverse Ethics.

Roy Clare CBE has been CEO of the Museums, Libraries and Archives Council since 2007

Leadership requires vision, openness, commitment and determination. I am very impressed by the Jain culture and Atul’s work with the Jain Spirit magazine was an outstanding tribute to it. Diverse Ethics is an outstanding social enterprise.

Lynne Sedgmore CBE, Chief Executive, Centre for Excellence in Leadership

“Atul is a visionary with unique practical skills who has a sense of the big picture and his feet on the ground. He is truly diverse and an outstanding speaker and writer.”
Satish Kumar, Editor, Resurgence magazine
“As founding Editor of Jain Spirit international magazine, Atul raised the awareness of this most ancient of cultures to a global level, with significant creativity and intellect.”
Prof. Padmanabh Jaini, University of California – Berkeley
"Atul is a thinker, writer and speaker of rare distinction. He has a proven track record for solving complex problems and working with individuals from diverse backgrounds to develop innovative solutions.”
Professor Prem Sikka, University of Essex
“Dr Atul Shah's entire life—personal, professional, social, is a road map for diversity.He straddles many contending cultures with ease, and demonstrates how we can live and do business in today's melting pot of diverse cultures, while overcoming the traps into which people fall. Atul is by all modern standards, a "mediating man" who has learned the art of communicating and caring across national, social, religious, and business barriers. Atul is a dynamic man, supported by impeccable academic credentials,a global network of friends and business associates, and membership in prestigious organizations-- all of which have honed him into an informed and, entertaining public speaker, and a genial person with whom to work. As a professor of comparative ethics and cultures I can say without any equivocation, that Atul  is your guide, if you are trying to beat a path through the traps that impede communication in our brave new world of multicultures.”
Prof. Cromwell Crawford, Distinguished Professor, University of Hawaii