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Friday, 28th April 2017


We are living in revolutionary times when ethics and diversity are rarely far from the news. I want to help leaders transform their understanding of equality and see it not as an 'us and them' issue, but one which is about 'us and us'. On this blog you will find topical commentary on some of our pressing leadership and culture change dilemmas, and practical ideas of embracing the richness of difference. I am grateful for your comments which are being shared with the whole world - dialogue is one of the best ways of building bridges and breaking walls. Welcome.

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Natya East, Dance, Bharat Natyam 0 Comments
Sophia Rajenthiran and Shrimat Susanna, from Naatya East When genuine bridges between cultures are built, both cultures go to a different place after the experience, often to one where they did no...
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