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Monday, 15th April 2024



In a world of change and uncertainty, ideas and principles which have stood the test of time become priceless and worthy of learning and reflection.

Dr. Atul Shah is an exceptional ambassador - he is able to weave together three decades of leadership, research and education experience to inspire an audience of managers and executives on a range of subjects. His words flow from a combination of study, experience and deep inner reflection, and being a writer and broadcaster, he is used to expressing complex ideas in simple ways. He researches each speaking assignment and works hard to relate his message to the gathered audience and their life, wisdom and experiences.

In terms of qualifications, he has a PhD from the London School of Economics, and has published a large number of research articles in international journals, and has written several books including 'Celebrating Diversity - How to live, enjoy and benefit from Great Coloured Britain'. He has spoken at national and international conferences over two decades, and has Broadcast on BBC Radio 2, Radio 4, World Service, Five Live, among many other stations. He has lived and worked in four continents, and being an active blogger at diverseethics.com, he is in touch with contemporary issues on leadership, ethics, governance and diversity. And his perspective is unique and different from the mainstream - and that is the real advantage.

Topics he can speak on include:

  • Leadership Through Wisdom
  • Sustainability through Ideas and Values
  • Inclusive Management
  • The Power of Difference - Diversity in the Boardroom
  • Celebrating Diversity
  • Business Ethics and Indian Wisdom
  • Innovation through Cultural Diversity
  • The REAL Software of India
  • Reaching Diverse Markets and Customers
  • Carbon Neutral Wisdom

Here are the testimonials for his work and speeches from eminent people.

He is registered as a speaker with the international speaking agency, Celebrity Speakers, and you can contact his agent Sharon Bowler or call her on +44-(0)1628601414

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